Walkstool / Tripod Stool

Original Walkstool basic 50 from the Swedish Company Walkstool.

The Walkstool is a tripod stool.

The aluminum legs can be pulled out and locked with a red plastic pin. Pressing the pins goes very well and has never been fiddly or hurt my fingertips.

When sitting, the legs spread out at the level of the locks and twist slightly. The end caps of the legs are made of plastic, very robust and slightly chamfered. The combination gives a good grip, regardless of the surface. Sand, gravel, rocks. We already had everything and were always sitting safe and stable.

The seat height with extended telescopic legs is 50cm. The leg ends have a height of 52cm, but you slide a little lower in the fabric, so that you come to about 50cm of height. Supposedly you can use the Walkstool without the extended legs. But this is very unstable and not comfortable. I really cannot recommend that!

To fold it up, the seat fabric is simply pressed into the middle, the strap is looped around once and closed with a metal push button and push in the extended legs. The tripod stool is then only slightly larger than a folded umbrella, approx. 37 cm high and 8 cm in diameter. According to the Swedish manufacturer, the stool can hold up to 150kg. The maximum side length of the seat is 38cm, about 28cm is left to sit on the fabric.

The height is ideal for the camping grill that is standing on the floor, stoking a campfire or using a kitchen box for a dining table. We also sat down to eat dinner at the regular camping table with the Walkstools.

You can sit in them for 2-3 hours and if you use the car as a backrest, it can also be endured longer.

For us, they are ideal when we arrive late at a campsite and just want to cook something quickly and go to bed, wait for the ferry during our Norway vacation and whenever you know … it will soon continue.

When we still had our King Goana chairs from OZ Tent, we very often preferred the Walkstool because it was quicker to reach, quicker to clear and move away than the big chairs. There’s always room for little things somewhere, they don’t really have to be included in the Tetris game, where do we leave what?

Since we sold the OZ chairs and used the chairs from Frontrunner, the Walkstool’s have been not in use for a while. We have used 3 of the tripod stools for 6 years and are very satisfied with the workmanship and comfort.

The easiest way to sit is on the stool, is to have one leg in the middle in the front, then you are sitting about like on a bicycle. For the gentlemen, I recommend taking a little time and maybe „practicing“ a little. My husband and my teenage son love the stools, but always look carefully when they sit down … there were a few painful groans in the beginning …

The chairs from Frontrunner will be introduced another time.

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