Black Sheep Camp, Poiana Horea; Romania

WARNING right away, the approach is through a creek bed. No river crossing, but following the existing river, then it becomes steep and difficult. The road is not paved, at best partially graveled. Definitely not suitable for caravans or conventional camper-vans! Road motorcycles have made it up before, but then they were carted down on the truck of the camp owner.

Who dares nevertheless, comes with in the good hands from Dana & Tudor. Extremely friendly, helpful and uncomplicated The two invite their guests to look for a place on the meadow. If you don’t dare to go up there, you are welcome to be picked up with your tent and accessories. The communication in English is excellent. In any case, let them know shortly before arrival. Possibilities exist via Facebook, Instagram or also by phone. At least 1-2 hours before, so that someone is on site. The connection becomes pretty bad from 30 minutes before arrival, at the latest in the village you will lose connection.

Up on the mountain there is a breeze and in the evening it gets chilly, even in summertime. The payment is a donation. Of course fairness is required here! If I get a coffee to the tent in the morning and may enjoy a portion of freshly collected chanterelles (mushrooms) with onions and bacon in the evening, this should also be appreciated accordingly.

There is a large open shelter for the campfire, where the cooking is happening. Tree stumps, benches, hammock and a long table invite to eat together, linger and make music in the evening. A second „house“ is used as a stage for organized musical events (like Beeee ma in July). The shower is outdoor and minimalist. The „Outhouse“ is a real one! and a bit off the beaten track. Cold spring water is available, electricity is not. If you ask nicely, you can certainly charge your cell phone in the house.

This is actually not a „real“ campground. You have landed at a friends place, on a lovingly tended, wild property. Cows and horses sometimes march past the vehicle/tent looking for the best gras to eat out there. The Malamute Bursuc is on the leash when needed, but of course he is very happy when the guests are not afraid and he is allowed to run around.

A nice place to visit near by is the Scarisoara Cave

This was a a Stop on our trip to the „Black Sea“

Both articles will be soon in English as well

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