Individual Camping in Europe

The website „Campspace“ got specialized in European Micro-camping. You can special search for children/ pet friendly, luxurious, activity’s and so on.

You can discover Austria with the book Bauernleben on idividuell places. Sorry website is only in German.

There is the travel and enjoyment guide Landvergnügen for Germany. There are farms, vineyards, cheese diary and others that offer a pitch. You buy the book with the appropriate sticker and you can then stay on the properties, for one night, free of charge. Of course, the owners would like to to boost there business. After all, there’s nothing wrong with shopping in the farm shop or a wine tasting and get a bottle or two. In return, you have an individual place, often beautifully situated and no mass tourism.

This book was intended for independent motor homes. However, there are also sites with sanitary facilities that can be used if you travel with a roof tent or similar. Usually it is noted in the book. It is recommended to give a quick call to let people know that you would like to come by. The German books are always sold out very quickly! As a little extra, there is also the book Camping Glück with 80 selected places with a slightly different flair. Both websites are only in German.

Denmark has a similar concept with Pintrip.

Similar offers to the Landvergnügen are available for France from France Passion.

France has a camping chain called Huttopia. We haven’t tested it yet, but it sounds very interesting. Maybe more into large Campsites / glamping. The sites are supposed to be in the most beautiful areas of France and stand for camping close to nature. There is also rental accommodation, especially places for children ore with a lot of activities and so on.

For Homecamper, you have to register. Most of the sites are in France, but there are also a few in Italy, including the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

and in Italy it is called Green Stop24

Mini- und Farmcampings in the Netherlands. You can search for Regions or themes like: nature, family, with animals, close to the water

The Netherlands got also this interesting page, but only in there language.

Nortrip is the Norwegian version from the German Landvergnügen. Just started in 2021 we have already 32 hosts from Grimstad in the south , to the Lofoten up north. 2021 you can use the fully digital travel-book right away after your payment, without waiting for the print version. You can choose using the app or the website.

Portugal got his Easy Camps for individual overnight spots.

The Swedish version is called Schwedenstops

For Switzerland there is an website for farms, cheese diary and so on. Just to book online at Swiss Terroir. The website provides the languages German, French or Italian. Especially for Switzerland I have made a separate post. There you will find more individual possibility’s for camping in Switzerland. For now its only in German, will be translated soon.

At Espania Discovery you will find places in Spain from a farmer , in a vineyard and others. On the bottom right, you are able to change the website into English.

In the UK, it’s called Brit Stops to stay with farmers, wine-farmers and so on.

Some of the ideas I have found here 4×4 . Thanks for the inspiration.

If you need to translate a larger amount of text, I like to use deepL for that.

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