Roofing slate mine Assberg, Hachenburg

7 km north of Hachenburg is the small village of Limbach which offers many different hiking trails. The slate mine is part of the Limbach 3-view tour, which is 8.8 km long and takes about 2 ½ hours. The slate quarry can also be reached quite easily by car, there is even a parking area for about 3 cars.

A slightly sloping hiking trail leads to the entrance of the mine. There are also signs (but only in German) so that you can’t get lost. In the roofed entrance area there are display boards with explanations. There are 3 steep metal stairs that lead 20 meters into the chapel-like underground pit. At the bottom there are a few wooden benches to enjoy the silence and if you want, to enjoy the darkness. After about 7 minutes the light, which is controlled by a motion detector, goes out. In the chapel it is a bit cool, humid and the ground can be muddy.

The Assberg roofing slate mine can be visited all year round without a guided tour or registration and is free of charge. However, guided tours can be booked on request.

The former roofing slate mine was the largest in the entire Westerwald. It was first mentioned in 1548 and slate was mined there until 1803. The roofs of Marienstatt Monastery and Hachenburg Castle have been covered with the material from this pit, and of course many other roofs.

All the links are in German, but maybe DeepL Translate can help you to translate the content in English.

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