Malta can be reached from Frankfurt in 2 1/2 hours by plane. You can also take your car from Sicily. But please remember, in Malta you are driving LEFT. The Maltese drivers have strong nerves, they know exactly how long and wide their car is and we have seen several „almost“ accidents and one „real“ one. The roads are in moderate condition. Streets are very narrow in the towns and villages!

In Malta, especially from Valetta, you can reach the whole island very comfortably by bus. A weekly ticket, called Explore Tallinja Card, for Malta and Gozo (without ferries) costs 21€ (2019) and can be bought directly at the airport.

The Maltese speak their own language. A mix out of Spanish, Italian and French … so I was told by the taxi driver who brought us to the flat. Due to the long British occupation, all Maltese speak more or less good English.

I found the Maltese to be a very relaxed and extremely friendly people. The bus driver stops again to let somebody get on quickly, older people are immediately given a seat in the bus and in the restaurant they try to make special wishes possible (ketogenic food for my friend). In the supermarket the fresh calamar was prepared for us ready to cook … perfect.

Those who like old buildings and churches are absolutely right on Malta. Beach holidays are certainly possible, but there are more cliffs and old towns than sandy beaches.

One week was ideal for us, but if you want to see everything, there is a lot, a lot, a lot to discover! The temperatures at the beginning of November ranged from sunny 21 degrees to cloudy/rainy 15 degrees. The wind and now and then a rain shower surprised us. So make sure you are prepared, with layers of clothing, for the quick weather changes.

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