Lithuanian Campsites

Camping „KarkleCamp“

2217 94, Karklė 92383, Lithuania

Close to Klaipeda an d a bit hard to find the driveway. Go directly from the large Street (2217) onto the grounds, NOT from the side-street. It’s a very nice and quiet camping place despite lying directly by the street. Most spots are sunny, at night it’s guarded, the reception is staffed and the sanitation is checked when someone uses it. I can’t say if this is necessary as I have never felt insecure or unsafe on this trip!

Within five minutes on foot, you are at the natural beach which is also heavily in use by the locals. There is no restaurant (also not on-foot anywhere else).
The sanitation was very clean even with so few toilets and only two showers. Washing machines could be used for 3€, the Wi-Fi connection was poor, two mobile football-goals for kids and a few wooden pavilions were also available. The crowd was very international, which was quite noticeable since the grounds aren’t too big.

Camping „Dutch cap“

Karklė 92282, Lithuania

A small place right under the trees with sandy ground and the occasional grass where the sun gets through. It’s a small camping place with only a few pitches for campers and caravans, but it’s absolutely perfect for tents and children! With several hammocks between the trees, it is very idyllic. When you get there someone will come with you to try and find a nice spot for you.

With our large car, we would have only had space left next to the construction site that was there at the time, so we decided to keep driving, but I enjoyed what I saw. It was also close to Klaipeda.

You can also rent huts and there was a restaurant.

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