RMK Krapi camping:

Directly at the coast on the border to Lithuania. In the summer it is absolutely packed with locals, otherwise, it is a very nice corner. 2-3 toilets are scattered in the pine forest and visible from the street, where you can also find bays to park and to stay overnight. The ocean is then only a few steps away, and from what we saw there was very fine sand at the beach, and very long shallows to walk in.

Coordinates: 57°56’20.0″N 24°23’27.2″E

Watercamp Estonia, Rätsepa, 86816 Pärnu, Estland


There are three sections to camp. Two dry toilets and a washing basin in the back, as well as a large fireplace. The camping grounds end here at a large horse paddock. Towards the centre of the camping place is an area marked off with wooden planks to play basketball. There is access to the river and kayaks to rent, you can probably even bath here or bring your own kayaks. These areas are best to reach from the front left area of the camping area. The sanitary facilities in the front area are clean and nice, but only one WC is available for women and men each. Through the door with the men’s WC-sign, you get to the singular, large shower and washing machine, as well as a clothes hanger (the WC itself is of course in another, separate room 😉 ). Showers are 2€ per person and use. With your own brazier and wood, you can also make your own fire at this camping place.

You can rent a hut, they are fairly small and only contain beds. There is also a beautiful holiday home that you can rent, very spacious with a fireplace on the inside, and comfortable bedroom on the upper floor.

To check-in you have to call, the hosts are very nice and then show up at some point soon. In the meantime, you can pick your spot and get set up. 5€ per person in a tent, 15€ for a camper (roof-tent and the like) incl. electricity. Prices are from summer 2018 and can change!


short drive to a nice moortrail

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