Nidos kempingas , Lithuania

This place is popular to use when you are using the ferry to or from Kleipeda, because of this it can get very full during the main season. Most spots are in the shade under pine trees and a few closer to the front are on solid ground. If there is still any space is something you will have to find out yourself (as in you can stay if you find any space). There is a restaurant that also offers breakfast, there is plenty of clean sanitation, kitchen and washing machines are there, but Wi-Fi was only available at the reception

A tuk-tuk to town was 2018 about 6€. The paths to the beach are partially paved, every once in a while there is a toilet and it takes about ten minutes until you are at the water. One side is the nude beach and the other is with swimwear. You have to go down a few steps on a wooden ladder to get down to the water

Walkway to the beach

This campground belongs to the tour:

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