Western Camp, Rodby, Denmark

Westerncamp Web page is available only in danish.

Ideal before or after the Puttgarden – Rodby ferry. It’s only a couple of minutes to drive. So you can take off early in the morning ore arrive later in the evening. Ideal for dog owners to stay out of the hot daytime in summers.

At first, we thought we grabbed the wrong ship and landed in the USA.

A very pretty camping place with a lot of sunny or shady spaces. Everyone super friendly and calm. Even in the late evening and with a dog we were given a lot. The sanitary facilities are acceptably clean considering the number of people.

There is a small store by the reception, a restaurant and a bar. In the evening there is sometimes live-music.

There is plenty to discover for kids. Large pedal-cars, lasso throwing or even just exploring the place.

To the backside of the camp there a lot of fields for walking or bike riding. In the opposite direction you reach the long, reasonably clean beach after about a 10 minute walk.

That campground is from our road-trip to Scandinavia.

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