Kurtuvėnai camping, Lithuania

The star on the top right is the hill of 1000 krosses, green flag is a supermarket and bottom left the campground

Kurtuvėnai camping, Parko g. 1A, Kurtuvėnai 79208, Lithuania

An excellent little place, you just call the number in the window of the reception and someone will show up in just a few minutes. There are four toilets (two for men and women each) and four shower cubicles with plenty of space and lockable. The kitchen is completely stainless steel and makes the impression of a professional, large kitchen with an oven and all. A small playground is on the side, away from the “main” street.

sanitary building

There is only one electronic key per vehicle for toilet, shower, kitchen, washing machine and dryer, so a second person should come with to take the key back to the car, otherwise no one else in your group is able to go to the toilet while you’re showering.

On foot, you can find riding and carriage opportunities, as well as two supermarkets in that little village.

As the camping place is at the edge of town and very quiet you can even hear storks clattering.

only meadows in the back

We caught a festival-weekend so there were many cars on the dusty gravel street past the camping place to the cemetery that lies within viewing distance. That could be a little disturbing. At the festival day there were food stalls, music and fireworks with music in the evening.

Whatever it was, it was amazing.

festival food, no cooking today
it is a ADAC place as well , Pictures are from 2018
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