Bin liners / Trash bags slightly different

During the day there is always some rubbish during the journey. With us it is beverage cans, plastic packaging of all kinds, skin/rind of salami and cheese etc. So nothing that really makes a mess.

It is a heap of rubbish … and then there are the bags. 4 weeks on the road = 120 x a 10l bin liner …. there must be a better way!

A waterproof, washable bag was needed. The nappy bags were mostly stupid designs. But I liked the „Hot Yoga Bag“ from the company Yogabum. Waterproof, divided into 2 sections, one solid color with a loop and snap fastener to hang up. Price wise interesting for a test.

It feels like that you can’t fit quite as much in there as in a 10l bin liner. But it is big enough for one day’s rubbish in any case. The width of the bag is approx. 30cm and measured from the back zipper downwards it is 35cm long, the front bag is still approx. 27cm long. The fabric that separates the two bags in the middle is NOT waterproof! But the outer material is as good as waterproof.

Because of the 2 sections inside, I could collect the cans, which are also recycled abroad, separately. Or you could stow your wet wipes (for washing your hands while underway) in it. In the other compartment I collected the rubbish. The loop for hanging up is about 8cm long up to the button. In the Toyota we have handle by the dashboard and my rubbish bag always hangs there. The snap fastener of the Yoga-Bum holds on really well.

Because the bag was hanging diagonally, now and then the lowest corner got a little bit wet (from the rest in the cans) but nothing dripped! This is the reason for my „as good as“ waterproof comment.

Here loaded with 2 full 1l Tetra-pack in the back and wet wipes in the front

The large zippers that cover the entire width are great for emptying the bag out. Simply turn it inside out. Inside out, I usually washed it while washing my hands. Drying in the sun inside out is very fast, thanks to the material.

It never stunk, was never disgusting, wet or unpleasant. Even a banana skin disposed of in the afternoon is still okay to empty in the evening.

You can wash the Yoga Bag in the washing machine at 30°C. But before that I gave it a quick rinse by hand.

This new bag has definitely convinced us, it will continue to travel with us. Maybe also as a shower/swimming bag, there are certainly more areas of application…

Translated with (free version) and a little tweaking after 😉

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