We have had the best experiences with the portable fireplace. Size L is approx. 45 x 45 cm and 33 cm high. This is big enough for a nice fire with the usual 30cm – 35cm long logs you can buy. But not too bulky or heavy for to carry around. The metal really does not warp and cools down very quickly. The bag is very sturdy and the fire bowl fits exactly in it. It folds very slim and can be tucked away easily in the vehicle. With a weight of approx. 5.4 kg, you can also take it to the beach, to a festival or for a picnic at the weekend. With the metal plate that is placed underneath as a base, you don’t burn any turf. This has already convinced some campsite operators and we were allowed to light a fire at the campsite. You can also buy a grill grate for the top as an accessory, so you have 2 in 1 if you want.

You can buy the fireplace directly from Snow Peak.

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