Schilthorn, Canton Bern; Switzerland

It takes a good 20 minutes by car from Interlaken to reach the 2970m high Schilthorn lookout peak. There is a large car park available with a parking machine. The public transport stop is called Schilthornbahn, Stechelberg.

The pinnacle is reached by a cable car with large gondolas; there are hardly any seats in them. The Schilthorn is the last of 4 stations. You have to change the gondolas 3 times. The cable car is quite steep and the meters in altitude are covered quickly. Maybe important for people with heart- and breathing difficulties. We had caught a quiet day out of season and took about 1 hour from ticket purchase to the peak without any traffic. The 32 minutes given on the website are very ambitious.

For dog owners: Dogs are allowed to take the gondola up the mountain. However, the gondolas get very crowded and tight. The Thrill Walk is built with grids and steps.

In Grimmwald, Mürren and Birg you get into a new gondolas. The first ticket you got is being re-scanned for every gondola you move on to. At the individual stations you can also explore the landscape and surroundings. An excursion on foot seems to be possible from station to station.

The Birg station offers a large sun terrace with self-service fast food and a great view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountain scenery. There is also a thrill walk and many para-gliders take off from Birg.

Due to the filming of the James Bond movie „On Her Majesty’s Secret Service“ in 1968/69 on the Schilthorn, the summit station is all about „James Bond“. The 360-degree restaurant and the souvenir shops are all about 007, and there is even a Bond cinema and a 007 Walk of Fame.

In winter, the mountain is of course also a highlight for ski and sleigh fans.

In summer, hikers get their money’s worth.

From Mürren there is even a via ferrata (K3)

It is only a stone’s throw away (2,5km; about 30min. walking distance) to reach the impressive Trümmelbach Falls. Depending on the weather conditions, they are open from the beginning of April to the beginning of November. Please check the opening times on the website before you arrive.

At the end of the village of Lauterbrunn we discovered the „Schützenbach“ campsite. There is a bus connection to the waterfalls and the Schilthorn with line 141.

Translated with (free version) and Kristina 😉

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