Croatia, Inland

Zeleni GAJ, Sava turizam, Lonja 167, 44203 Lonja ,Croatia

It lies in the centre of Croatia at the edge of the village.

We were informed about popular sights and interesting things about the environment, while we had a „Welcome“ beer. We were also offered to rent bicycles or a canoe. The area is also known for catfish fishing and it’s array of bird species.

On the even, mowed lawn you can go and find yourself a nice spot, but if the field was just fertilized, I’d recommend finding a spot closer to the front by the quiet street. Depending on how you are standing in the wind you will get fresh countryside air straight from the farmer’s manure heap or field.

In the sanitary building, there are two showers with shower curtains each, that are placed in the entry area of the toilet room, two toilet stalls and sinks. According to my son, the temperature and water pressure are ‘very good’ and everything was also very clean. Outside of the building, you can also find a washing sink.

There is no kitchen, but a large wooden pavilion with tables and benches, and sawed furniture. Behind that, there is a stone-lined fire pit and wood for it.

In the evening the sheep are herded into the village, the chickens run around the place, and at dusk, you can hear the jackals howl their song for about thirty minutes. Otherwise, it is pure silence until the rooster crows at 7 am and the sheep protest as they are herded back onto their meadow. Countryside life in its purest form.

After we parked an older gentleman did his best to explain with hands and feet that you can find the reception in the village restaurant. You can find it on the right along the street and is easy to reach on foot.

I can highly recommend the breakfast: white bread, 2 fried eggs, 2 jams, local honey, cheese, plain yoghurt, muesli, orange juice and a large thermos of coffee for 5€ pp (as of July 2019). You can choose the way your eggs are made and sausage was also available at 1€ extra.

this campsite is from our „Black Sea Tour“ Here you find the map with all our stops.

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