Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Here are a few links for those who want more history and background information. First Wikipedia and also the Normandy tourism side

If you want to visit the campsite Camping du Mont Saint Michel, which is directly up front, you have to book in advance. Otherwise you won’t get past the security.

The visitors‘ parking lot is very large and there are extra spaces for campers. There were no sanitary facilities at the car parking. You have to take a parking permit ticket, there are also 24-hour charges, so I assume that you can stay there overnight. However, there are always private car parking spaces in the area that offer overnight accommodation for motorhomes. Parking fees for Le Mont St. Michel parking

The visitor centre has the entrance tickets, toilets and a few display boards.

You can walk to Le Mont-Saint-Michel take the bus or go by horse carriage. The path is without shade and a good stretch to walk. There are no chances to change your mind and hop on a bus or carriage in between to get to your destiny. The bus was extremely crowded and the air was very bad. If you don’t like crowds or get sick easily, you should think twice about taking the bus, at least in the summer months. In addition to the visitors who get on the bus at the visitor center, there are also guests from the campsite who are collected as well. Depending on the number of visitors, you have to stand in line for some time to wait for the next bus. There are some pavilions build up for shade in the waiting areas.

Long paved path without any shade

Dogs are only allowed on the bus if they can be transported in a bag! There are no exceptions to this rule, even holding a dog in your arms is not enough! At least it dose not have to be a special dog carry bag. Dogs are not allowed on the horse carriage. According to the website, there is also the possibility of placing the dog in a kennel. The link to the website, please scroll all the way down to the kennel.

There were a few policemen at the entrance to keep out street traders and there was also sporadic bag checking.

The heritage site is like a small village. There are restaurants, many souvenir shops and some things to look at. There also seem to be possibilities to stay overnight within the place. We saw some tourists walking with their suitcases. My son noticed that some small alleys were closed to tourists.

We made our way back by horse carriage. The horses are changed every few tours, there was always plenty of water after each tour and the animals looked very well cared for and well fed. Hooves were good and no roughed up areas from the harness. The fresh air in the open carriages and the few people made it much more pleasant than taking the bus!

We were there on a July morning and it was very crowded, very hot and there was very little shade.

This was a sightseeing from our tour in the Pyrenees

The campsite Omaha Beach is 150km away and a good choice if you only plan a day-trip to Le Mont St. Michel

We stayed at the campsite Camping Campéole Saint Grégoire 47 Rue Saint-Grégoire, 50170 Servon. Approx. 15 minutes by car to the Mont Saint Michel parking lot.

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